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SBAR Urinal
The Baffle urinal solves the problem of accidental spills by incorporating the best features of traditional urinals and spillproof urinals. It is the first urinal that has an innovative baffle built in so it will not spill its contents when moved or re-used.

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Made from sturdy plastic the Baffle urinal has a large ergonomic handle and is easy to hold and manipulate. The Baffle urinal stands on end or hangs conveniently on bed a rail between uses. All edges and openings are smooth to ensure patient comfort and ease of cleaning.

- After use, hang the urinal on a bed rail or stand it on end. The liquid will flow over the baffle and collect at the bottom of the container.

- During the second use, the liquid is contained safely away from the patient. To empty, simply turn the urinal handle side down and pour the contents out.

- Volume marking to 1,000 cc's, 32 oz.

- Attached lid with space for patient info.

- Price: $12.50


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