SBAR Ind Cups

The Independence Dishes offer unique ways to help with mealtimes. Three different styles with an inner lips or a scoop side serve to easliy and discretley help guide food onto utensils. All of the dishes are dishwasher-safe, have a non-skid base, and are 9" diameter. An optional see through Lid is available for storage and serving and they are made in the USA. BPA free.

The Inner Lip Plate has an overhanging lip to help push scooped food onto the fork or spoon. 1 3/4" high sides keep food on the plate and it looks so good people are unaware that it is for eating assistance

The Partition Plate keeps servings separate in three compartments and they have an inner lip to help people with weakness. All the Independence Dishes are available in white or high visibility red and are microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Scoop Dish has a high side to aid in scooping food onto a fork or spoon. The skid resistant base keeps the dish in place during mealtime making it ideal for one handed use.

- Single Dish $7.50

- Dish With Lid $10.50

- 2 Dishes With Lids $15


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