SBAR Independence Cups

PSC Independence Lids
The PSC anti splash lid prevents splashing and helps to direct the flow of liquid into the mouth.
Choose the larger opening for a faster flow or the two smaller openings for a slower flow. Or, dispense a small amount of liquid onto the lid to regulate amount of liquid. This lid is also perfect for use with a straw. Lids are dishwasher safe and fit all of the Independence Cups and Mugs.

The PSC spout lid has a contoured spout to fit comfortably in the mouth. The flow of liquid from the spout can be controlled by placing a finger over the vent hole.

Both lids are dishwasher safe and replacement lids are available and fit all of the Independence Cups and Mugs.

Independence Flo lid also available
Nosey Lids available

- Price $7 for 6 lids


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